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We have put together a winning team to provide all relevant news on flowers, fruits, vegetables, value addition, logistics, and related areas

The birth of Horticulture News is yet another milestone for the horticultural industry in Kenya. Published by the key stakeholders under three associations — the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK), the Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPC Kenya), and the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) — this newsletter will promptly and conveniently bring news and features touching on all aspects of horticulture.

In today’s world, farmers, exporters and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector carry smartphones, tablets and other gadgets as they go about their daily chores. Laptops and desktop computers are to be found in many homes and offices. With technological advancement moving at a fast and furious pace to change the lives of people for the better, this newsletter will provide the necessary tools to ensure all relevant information is given regularly to all concerned.

To achieve this, we have put together a winning team that will provide all relevant news on flowers, fruits, vegetables, value addition, logistics, and related areas. We will explore development in horticulture from around the world and ensure our audience is kept abreast of the latest developments and market trends. In this manner, Kenya will continue to shine as a key source country of choice for export markets around the world.

A vision to become winners

Through TradeMark East Africa, the European Union and Denmark has sponsored the Horticulture Market Access Programme (2020-2022) Covid-19 Response to support industry players achieve this vision. It is from this programme that this newsletter was born. With the support of all stakeholders, including government agencies, we hope to help the sector overcome the devastation wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic upon livelihoods everywhere by assisting in the revitalization of the vital horticultural sector that employs of people in Kenya, both directly and indirectly.

No doubt, the demographic group that forms the largest segment of online readership is the youth. Ideally, these are people who are not only young but also possess ambition, foresight, confidence, and the drive to seek out whatever they set their eyes upon. The youth have the greatest stake over the county and the nation, more than any other group. It is imperative that they be well informed of the issues that have an impact over their lives. Horticulture, and farming in general, needs to be made attractive for the youth if the sector is to thrive for generations to come, and this newsletter is an effort towards that direction.

As a productive sector, horticulture cannot be ignored. Yet all too often, decisions that hurt the sector are made with abandon by those in positions of authority. Information dissemination, which this newsletter seeks to do with distinction, will help improve the knowledge environment and thus nurture good governance, binding all sub-sectors in a harmonious whole to bring about sustainable horticultural production and trade.

In all these endeavours, we promise not to lose sight of our readers. They are the reason for this publication. We therefore look forward to receive views and comments, insights, and tips that will further enrich this online newsletter in fulfilling its mandate. Welcome on board.

Editorial Committee

Reakey Seda, Communications & Marketing, FPEAK

Edith Moroti, Membership Manager, KFC

Patience Katana, Food Safety Officer, FPC

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